The Principle of The Seed
May 29, 2019
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Get Ready To Fly!

Flying in this context is symbolic of the thirst to extend the frontiers of human achievements and break new grounds. There is however a direct link between the extent of your flight and the preparation you make prior to taking off. You will never get to appreciate the full extent of the treasure you carry until you engage it in top flight performance. The performance is preceded by rehearsals.

However, be careful not to allow the thrill of your rehearsals blind you from identifying what is meant to be your actual performance. Be reminded that in life, rehearsals are commended but only performances are rewarded.

It takes two wings to fly. One of the requirements for flying is the balance that is created by the complimentary roles of two wings. Flight no doubt demands that you mount on two wings – the wing of grace and that of personal effort. For every achievement you will ever make in life, there is a part GOD will have to play and there is a part you will also have to play. God is too big to play your part, and you are too small to play His part.

Dear Friend, the time to get flying is now. There is so much space in the sky. It’s too crowded down below. Don’t remain a captive to the failures of your past. Yesterday ended last night. Don’t wait for conditions to get better, because there will never be a perfect condition.

If you haven’t been flying, the skies are still waiting for you.

It’s up to you. Flight is not reserved for angels.

You too can FLY!

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