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How To Handle Rejection

What is Rejection?

It is simply a refusal to accept or recognize the worth, merit or qualification of someone as deserving of a role, offer or relationship.
You will never know true success without learning how to handle rejection.

If you succeed without it, you cannot stay successful without it.

Rejection can come from close quarters (Micah 7:6), to colleagues at work (Ask Daniel who had to deal with workplace conspiracy borne out of envy).

Being able to negotiate pain belongs to the art of living.


– It Inflicts Pain
Acts of neglect or someone walking out of your life can be more damaging than if someone were to assault you physically.

– Destroys Self Esteem
Nothing robs us of our confidence like rejection.

– It Demotivates
Rejection kills the motivation to want to try again .
Being turned down has stopped many from wanting to try again.

– Rejection Leads To Aggression
It was discovered in the U S in 2001, that the number one cause of violence is not drugs, poverty or gang membership but rejection.



Rejection occurs when people feel they are BETTER.
Truth is, No one is better.
Whatever anyone is, it’s by the sheer grace of GOD. 1 Corinthians 15:10. 1 Tim 6:7.


When People feel THREATENED by the Presence or Success of another, they react with rejection to the source of threat.

No one can take your place. Psalms 16:5. There’s enough room for everyone to succeed.
Pulling others down doesn’t LIFT YOU UP & Pulling them back won’t MOVE YOU FORWARD.


A nonconformist, because of strongly held positive values, can be treated as a misfit within a culture of laxity and compromise.

But, I will rather stand alone than in the wrong company(Ex 23:2).

4. TRANSFERRED AGGRESSION. Hebrews 12:15. Rom 12:21.

People who have been hurt are prone to hurting other people. People who have gone through the pain of rejection are more likely to transfer it to others.

You must refuse to let toxic people in your past determine the continuity of your life and the success of your future.
Stop the negative cycle!


1 John 4:18.
The fear that someone can walk away can make you walk away.
The fear that you might lose someone can make you give them up.

6. PERSONALITY COMPLEX. 2 Samuel 17:23.

A morbid need to be RIGHT AND LIKED, making you to treat any form of difference as Rejection.
The fact that someone doesn’t share your view doesn’t make either of you right or wrong. It only gives you access to a wider body of knowledge from which you can make informed decisions and draw accurate judgement.

Love (God’s love in us) does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it is not self-seeking; it is not touchy or fretful or resentful; 1 Corinthians 13:5.


Rejection can be totally baseless!
John 15:25.
Psalm 69:4; 109:3&4.
Truth is, Critics can’t be amused .
But another man’s head is not where you keep your happiness.

It’s too much power to give anyone for them to determine when you are HAPPY.

LIVE FREE! John 8:36



– Never Internalize Rejection

Rejection is a subjective opinion, not an accurate representation of your true worth and value.

The fact that you were turned down from the job doesn’t make you incompetent.
And the fact that someone walked out of your life doesn’t make you unloveable.
It only means they don’t deserve you!

– Gain Perspective

It is our responsibility to give meaning to our circumstances.
The brothers of Joseph thought they sold him but from a Divine perspective, it was actually GOD that sent him. Ps 105:17

Everyone that will eventually STAND OUT in Life, must pass through the phase of being misunderstood at some point.

“The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief cornerstone.”
Psalms 118:22 NKJV

Rejection could be a divine separation for the purpose of Elevation.

Rejection can also be a sign that you are exploring in life and not merely subsisting.
A person who never gets rejected, may be living too much within their comfort zone.

Rejection should be seen as a compass. Ultimately, it is A form of Redirection.
A person who is rejected in some quarters will usually end up being celebrated somewhere else!
John 1:11&12.

– Use it to your advantage

Rejection can be turned into a manure for growth and development. A learning curve ; a teacher and an opportunity to move forward with greater wisdom.

Finally, learn to seek for affection in the right places and never forget, that You are not defined by the likes of many but by the LOVE of ONE!

Stay Empowered!

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